Teaching Scottish Culture & Traditions in Schools

Teacher Training & Resources for k-5th Grade Classrooms

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Traditions connect us to who we are and how we express ourselves.

Highland Echoes in Schools

School Assemblies
School Assemblies

The Highland Echoes Company will come to your school to present an age appropriate Scottish music and dance Cultural arts in Education program.

PTA Fundraisers
PTA Fundraisers

We will make your school's PTA our affiliate. Students and staff can sell tickets to our show in your community and keep a percentage for your School's needs!

Lessons & Workshops
Lessons & Workshops

We are providing schools with Scottish Cultural Lessons plans for k-5th grade that meet Nationals Standards/Core Curriculum and the PYP concept based curriculum.

Grab a Free Scottish Children's Song & Activity Bundle here!

"Tell me, I forget…Show me, I remember…Involve me, I understand." Carl Orff


  • Musical Literacy
  • Musical Response
  • Contextual Relevancy

  • Visual Literacy
  • Critical Response
  • Contextual Relevancy

  • History
  • Geography and Environmental Literacy
  • Economics and Financial Literacy
  • Civics and Government
  • Culture

  • Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • Creation and Performance (CP)
  • Dance Movement Skills
  • Responding
  • Connecting
  • Culture

  • Reading: Literature
  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Reading Foundational Skills
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening

*Based on North Carolina Essential Standards and Core Curriculum Email us for a chart of our lesson plans matched to your state standards.

Music Lessons

National Core Arts Standards & Orff Methods

The Visual Arts Lessons

National Core Arts Standards

Health Education/PE Lessons

National Core Arts Standards

General Class Lessons

Social Studies Standards & Common Core - Language Arts

Featured Lesson

5th Grade Music Lesson
5.ML.1.1, 5.ML.3.2, 5.MR.1.2, 5.MR.1.4, 5.CR.1.2

Scottish Work Songs

Materials Included

  • Scripted Lesson Plan
  • Audio
  • video
  • diagrams
  • song writing worksheets
  • BONUS: FREE bulleton board images!


  • BONUS: Counting in Scots Gaelic Audio tutorial!
  • BONUS: Scottish Activity Pack!

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What Schools are Saying about the creator of 'Scotland in the Classroom'...

"I enthusiastically recommend Jennifer’s program." Robbin Smith, Huntersville Elementary School, USA

"I heard more compliments and positive comments about your performance than I have for any other visiting artist - individual or group." Jean Milleson, Northeast Elementary School, USA

"You have come to our school for several years. Each year I look forward to your performance. It's refreshing, informative and fun. I always leave with a wish for more of your music to listen to." Francis Justen, Swansboro Elementary School Teacher, USA

"Jennifer Licko brought to our school a chance to look at a culture different from our own. She opened the eyes of the students to not only heritage but to what awaits those with interested minds." Cindy Paredes, Onslow County Teacher, USA

"You had my class in the palm of your hands, and they are hard to please" Fouth Grader teacher at Pisgah Forest Elementary, USA

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Scotland in the Classroom: Full Program

Common Core Standards and PYP Curriculum based Lines of Inquiry

Tons of Materials
  • PDF Scripted Lesson Plan
  • Audio music tutorials, practice and perform
  • Videos
  • Diagrams
  • Activity worksheets for reinforcement
  • Lyrics
  • Historical Context
  • Templates
  • Bulleton board images
  • Instructional Audio & Videos
  • Games
  • Expansion Resources
  • Review Packages (OH SO GOOD!)