Sharing our favorite business tools!

Our Favorite Online Tools for marketing


A Free online tool to create all your social media and promotional graphics. Easy to use. No graphic design experience needed because they have ready made template for you!

Try Canva for free!


Free online website builder. So simple to use! There is also a paid version with more features. The designs are up to date and responsive for use accross all devices.

Try Weebly for free!


Our favorite online ticketing system! They charge a fee per ticket sold which is a small fee for a huge array of benefits. Our favorite feature is that you can email all your ticket buyers to easily notify them of changes and updates.

Use Eventbrite for your next event


My favorite domain and hosting company (basically rental of your online website space). Their customer service is amazing! Here you can buy your domain name ( and parked it in a space online (the hosting part).

Secure or transfer your domain name today with Bluehost


This is the company I rely on for outstanding printed promotional materials. By far the best quality I've encountered. You can upload your own design or use one of their beautifully designed templates.

Design your business card or a new flyer today with MOO

The Highland Echoes Professional Membership

If any of the tools mentioned above confused you because you didn't understand the description or why you would need it, then the best decision you could make would be to become a Highland Echoes professional member. Created for Celtic businesses and organizations to grow and be a part of this online world we live in today. Your organization will never grow if you don't accept the way people take in information and communicate with each other online. This membership will provide you will tons of step by step tutorials that are simple and easy to implement. From updating your website to get more traffic and increase you membership to putting on sell out events which will also increase your membership to having a full proof communications system in place - our membership is catored to the needs of your target audience who have a passion for their celtic heritage. Plus your membership is tax deductible!

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